DVD2one V1.5.2 released

Wednesday 2 February, 2005

DVD2one V1.5.2 released

Added checks to verify the consistency of structures in the IFO files and to correct them if necessary. This solves problems with movie-only copy of Alien Quadrilogy.
Added program chain analysis to detect and remove damaged parts of the DVD for ARccOS disks like Resident Evil Apocalypse, The Forgotten, Little Black Book, The Grudge and Wrestlemania.
Improved IFO rebuilding for full disk copy and relaxed the error handling. If possible the IFO structures are corrected instead of giving an error message and aborting processing.
Improved layer-break removal for full disk copy and layer-break detection for movie-only.

DVD2oneX V1.4.2 released

Same new engine features as DVD2one V1.5.2 (PC version).
Added progress bar in dock icon (thanks GeezerButtz!).
Fixed small problem with default subtitle.