DVD2ONE V1.2.3 With CSI, Not Working?



Hello I am ripping CSI Season 2 DVD1 to my computer with DVD decrypter, Converting using full disk copy, then buring with nero 6 (also tried record now max).

When i put the DVD into my DVD player it plays the initial screen then crashes.

I am using Datawrite Classic 4x media with Pioneer DVR-105.

Any ideas why it isnt working ?

Best Regards.

Barry :slight_smile:

P.S. I have burned a 1GB DVD image to the same DVDs and they played ok in my player.



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I have tried using DVD decrypter (various versions) and Smart Ripper and I get the same problem.

Also I have tried the DVD in different DVD players and I get the same error.

I tried to play the DVD on my computer with WinDVD and i got no problems.

Anyone got any ideas?

Best Regards.

Barry :slight_smile: