DVD2one v1.2.0 file size difference

Hi I downloaded v1.2.0 when it was out.
Today I downloaded it again to check if it was updated.
What I realized is that the “old” 1.2.0 version was 123KB in size,
but the current is 131KB in size.

So my question is what changed in the “new” 1.2.0 version?


You are correct about the file size, I d/l it again today and compared it with the one I d/l on the 18. Two different filesizes. I have kept both versions. Probably just a very rare bug and they decided not to increase the build number, because it didn’t effect many people at all.

Who Knows…

Update for blacklisted serials?


Originally posted by ReneB

What does it mean?

This means that the serials circulated on the internet are added to the blacklisted serials list inside the program…

There are no bug-fixes in the new version? i got the same results with both, is it right?

Yes, the program is the same so are the results. Only added blacklisted serials.