DVD2One v1.1.1 Image Comparison on Full Disc Copy

Hi Everyone,

I eagerly awaited the release of version 1.1.1 with the 1:1 copying. I only want to use this feature for backing up episodal DVD’s (Sex and the City, Sopranos, Band of Brothers, Star Trek TNG, etc.)…

I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t select which audio streams and the amount of compression per title, but I’m sure that’s coming in future versions. Rene did warn that image quality on 1:1 backups would be worse than movie only… here’s a comparison I did with Disc 1 of The Sopranos Season 1. The first image is the original from the DVD and the second is after DVD2One processing in full disc mode. Since there are no settings selection, everything was left at default with the final size as 4.37GB.

Captures done with PowerDVD 3.0.


DVD2One in Full Disc Mode:

My conclusion:

The original Sopranos disc was 7.3 GB, so there was a 23% compression. Obviously this will have some effect and you can see it above. I believe that the 1:1 feature is not usable at this time unless the original is around 5 - 5.5 GB or so… otherwise the quality is not very acceptable. I only say this because I have a 65" HDTV and everything is magnified.

When we have the option to select the audio streams we want and the compression amount per title, the result should be better.

Curiously, when I backup long movies (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings) in movie-only mode, the quality was very good with few pixelation and was very watchable even on a large screen… that probably have a little to do with the original movie quality as well - it’s much better than DVD sets of TV sitcoms.

Those are my observations… when I have a little time, I’ll process the same disc using the VOBEdit, IfoEdit, etc. route to keep just the episodes and no menus or extras and see how that look. I’ll post an image as well.

Sorry, but if the disk is 7.3 GB for me it´s a 40% compression!
And that´s realy not acceptable!

I think the maximum of compression is about 30%.
That means a disk or film about 5.7 GB max for full copy.

If you can strip audio streams the max size will be about 6.3 GB.

You’re right - I did the math wrong! 40% compression overall across the board… now if we could select the compression for each title, I would set the menus to around 70% compression, remove audio streams as necessary and set the actual episodes to the least compression available.

Yeah, selecting compression rate would be great!

But i think more usefull is selecting audio und subtitle in full disk mode.

I like dvd2one for simple movie only recompressions, but I use INSTANT COPY for full disc. It takes longer, but it looks great, you can pick video streams, and change quality… great

The whole Problem with the full disk copy and within that stripping for example Audio off is going to be the menus. What are you all going to do, if your wife, Kids, Friends etc. try to access the menu and choose one of the languages or subtitles or extras you stripped off. How should this work? A Option should be a Little “Selfmade” Menu to Choose the selected VOB’s including Extras.




When you get good at IFOedit, you can make certain buttons on the menu either inactive, or you can patch them into streams already existing on the DVD. Of course, IFOedit is a complicated program – and not quite what I’d call “easy to learn.”

Some DVDs aren’t much of a pain. For example: If you strip out the Dolby stereo channel on the DVDs to the first season of Star Trek, The Next Generation, if you hit that particular button on the menu, you’d still play the Dolby 5.1. If you only kept the stereo track, then to push Dolby 5.1 is to select stereo.

Blade 2, by way of comparison – or even Pearl Harbor – contain multiple audio tracks that get messed up if you delete one of them. Director’s commentary might instead be the cast and crew commentary. This is because the VOB IDs to each stream changes whenever you strip something out, but the button’s command remains the same: The button will play whatever’s residing on that ID.

IFOedit’s the only program I’ve used when stripping out streams, so it’s the only one I can really comment on. But it’s still well worth learning, so that you can avoid having to totally re-author a project to make it work right. The only way that I can see a program like DVD2ONE (or InstantCopy) totally getting around all this is to create “dummy” streams in place of what’s stripped. Pretty complicated to get to work right, which is probably why they avoid doing it. Hell, I would, too! Considering all the different things each and every user is going to demand out of a program… what a headache!