DVD2One Subtitle Problem

Hey All,
Can anyone pls help with the following problem?
I would rip a movie, that has subtitles, using Smartripper. If the movie is over 4.7 gb, I would use DVD2One 1.13 to compress the movie. This is when I get prompted for the subtitles I want to keep. But, the language names are NEVER listed in the subtitle menu. It would just say “unlisted” or something like that. So I would choose them all since I am not sure which languages I am really choosing. After I burn the movie, the subtitles are always green and really fuzzy, making it impossible to read.

Does anyone have any advice to fix this issue?

Thanks. :o

Sounds to me like you used Ifoedit to create your Ifo’s. This is an ifoedit problem and not a DVD2one problem. If in fact you used ifoedit.

Nope. I didnt use iFOedit. But thanks for your feedback…

OK, I can admit I am wrong when I am wrong. :confused:

NYPlayer, you were right. I thought about what you said again, and I did recall using iFoEdit for this movie.

So, I ripped the original files (all of them), onto my hard drive, and used DVD2One again, and the subtitles work great and look great.

U were right all along. Sorry…

Thanks again for the info.