DVD2One Question

Kind of new to the DVD scene and I have a question about ripping and converting movies with DVD2One.

I was wondeing if this will work as intended. I want to keep just the movie and no menus or subtitles. I will rip the movie with DVD Decrypter in file mode and take all files or should I just get the movie only files?

I would then run it though DVD2One to strip out the subtitles and unwanted audio crap and or compress it if it is a dual layer disc.

Then burn it with Nero.

Does this sound right?

If not anyone have a better suggestion?

Thanks for the input!

You are on the right track m8.

Just rip the movie only files (i.e .ifo & .vobs) with Dvd Decrypter, process as required in Dvd20ne, then burn.

Make sure you have the latest version of Nero, as some early versions had a DVD Compliancy issue.