Dvd2one problems

hi guys im having a few problems i decrypt the dvd with dvddecryptor then i run dvd2one on the vobs. the program produces new ifo files and stuff. now i try playing them in windvd or powerdvd and im getting this message “no valid drive/disk found” i tried burning the files with nero but i get the same message so i dono whats wrong. i kinda found a workaround this i opened ifoedit and created new ifo’s for the vob files. that way it worked but only partially my subtitles were screwed off instead of getting them normal, like white, i got them in a very fuzzy green. can someone please help me out with this i would relaly aprpeciate it thanks

Rip the DVD, in File Mode, with DVD Decrypter.

Create new folder, ready for Dvd2one output

Run Dvd2one, pointing it at output from DVD Decryptor as source and new folder for destination and select output size.

Choose the Title, usually the largest one.
Choose the Audio & Subtitles required.

and Start.

If using Nero, make sure you have the latest version, as some earlier versions had a bug creating DVD compliant files.

Also if trying to play DVD2one output in Power DVD, make sure you Select Source/Open DVD File from Hard Disk Drive and open the VIDEO_TS.ifo file.

Good luck