Dvd2one & prassi primo dvd

Hi guys just a quick question, I am at the final stage of burning an original DVD. I have used DVD decrypter and DVD2one which was easy enough. I have prassi primo DVD 2.0 ready and waiting but am not sure how and what to burn (what file do a burn, do I burn as a data disk) can anyone help me out PLEASE.


Hi w1z

im new to this but this is how i did it

start primoDVD
on the four options you whant DATA DISC
all you do is add folder find the folder on your HD double click on you VIDEO_TS folder and if you got one your AUDIO_TS folder
pick your righting speed i would go for 1 speed click the red record button and off you go

well that how i did it and it works for me mate good luck

Can i ask one last qestion :o.
I have added the folder and the went to add the video TS file but theres two which one do i add VIDEO_TS.ifo or VIDEO_TS.bup

Thanks again

hi againe

there only should be 2 folders there

stick with them mate good luck againe :wink:

Hi w1z,

Here’s how I use Primo DVD.

Start the prog. On the left hand side you should have your available DVD/CD drives. Above this is a row of icons for the project type. Choose DATA disc (looks like a disc with a folder over it).
Next choose your recording drive from available DVD/CD drives (double click it).
In the right hand window choose recording speed (1x is the most relaible).
Just above this is another icon which looks like a folder, this is the ADD FOLDER icon. Click this and then use the resulting dialog to navigate to the folder you wish to burn to DVD.

NOTE: You should have a folder called VIDEO_TS to burn. This folder will contain VIDEO_TS.ifo, VIDEO_TS.bup, VTS_01_1.ifo, etc… It sounds as if you have gone into the folder to choose the individual files, you need to choose the whole folder using the method above.

here’s a (my)guide whit screenshots :bigsmile:

Backup(AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS)Movie whit PrimoDVD/DataDisc

101)Put in DVD-R,open up PRIMO and Click “101” DataDisc

You can add the AUDIO_TS(Empty folder)VIDEO_TS( Note:CAPS) 2 ways:
102A) Simply click “add folder” and browse for the AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS,load both.
102B) The fast way is draggging/drop the AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS

Important: Make shure they are in CAPS and for the spaces use “underscores”

103) Always burn at LOW Speed for good quality(i would say burn @1X for good results!)
104)Hit the Record button to start burning the MOVIE

105)Finally hit OK and you have a perfect Movie DVD-R Backup that will work on PS2(Un-Modded/Modded) and Most DVD Stand Alone’s

!!! If ur files wont “PASS” to burn normally then you used Ifoedit?! and need to convert
the AUDIO_TS/VIODEO_TS to IMG files+IMGTools 0.89

hope this will help a bit…

Thanks a lot guys for the help :o i’ve got it sorted now that was really usefull


Thanks agian


Hi guys, where can I get Prassi Primo please? I been looking for it all over but can’t find it.

If someone has it they could always www.yousendit.com to me please if you don’t mind.


@ smalltime,

Concerning Prassi PrimoDVD. This software product is no longer available. Below is a recent CD Freaks article concerning the status of Prassi Software.


Best Regards,

Oh, but someone must have an old setup file/serial for it somewhere, they can’t have all disappeared. I don’t mind what year/version it is as long as I can get hol d of it please