DVD2ONE output is too big

Somehow a movie won’t fit on a DVD.
He has to do a little overburn (thats what I see on the screen).
When I continue the burn, at the end, the write failed!

Can anybody tell me how to make the work of DVD2ONE a little smaller?

This is what I do:

  • I rip the movie complete with DVDDecripter
  • I start DVD2ONE, select the directorie wich DVDDecripter has used.
  • I select the movie and the Audio/subtitel parts I want.
  • I run DVD2ONE
  • I start COPY2DVD to burn the DVD

Maybe I do something wrong here ?

Thanks for your trouble to help me with this problem.

p.s. I use a NEC-burner

This has been discussed many times…

See this thread…

I saw that message, but I can’t find a place in DVD2ONE where I can adjust the Size…
Please let me know…

I know, I know… I’m a Newbie, but once you where one too!

It’s on the screen (3rd I think), where you select source & destination directorys … unless you have an old version of the proggie, in which case you wont have it.

Just set the output size to 4444mb, that’s what ReneB recommends.

Set output size to 4444mb!

To avoid deterioration of a Burned disc I would NOT recommend writing to the extreme edge of the blank.

Originally posted by Phil Thomas
Just set the output size to 4444mb, that’s what ReneB recommends.

Just wondering, but if that is what he recommends, why isn’t set to that by default?

Because the official size of a DVD disc is 4.78 and not 4.44 (it’s more like that i prefer to use 4.44 instead of 4.78)