DVD2ONE Movie Database

This was hinted on several occassions. Why not start this thread to include movies processed with DVD2ONE. This will help everyone and save precious time:p Possible fields to include could be;

Movie, DVD2ONE Version, Quality (1-5), Other (Constant, Var), etc.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions…

Sort of like the DVDXcopy list you mean…

Sounds like a good idea but as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and what one person may judge as good quality others may not so unless their was some sort of vote system on the quality aspect, but that makes things complicated so I dunno.

Generally a nice idea. The major problem is of course to define a quality scale. Do you give points from -5 to +5? When exactly do you rate a +3 and when a +4 or +2?
If that could be solved it’s reasonable to average over a large number of judgements to give at least a trend.
Therfore, you’ll need to have s.th. like a poll for every entry. Make that two, one for constant and one for variable compression.
The more participate the more exact the result becomes.
Unfortunately participation levels for these kinda things tend to be rather low…

What would you gain? The only quality parameter you have is the choice of the Constant/Variable engine.

And I say again, if you really care about your copies, you take these steps:

  1. Rip the whole of the original to the hard drive.
  2. Use a software player to determine whether the extras are worth jack.
  3. Decide in the light of (2) - and possibly the length of the movie - whether a complete copy or just a movie-only copy is required.
  4. Make a copy in Constant mode.
  5. Make a copy in Variable mode.
  6. Spot check to see which is the best - if you can!
  7. Use your favourite burner to create the copy on decent media - Ritek, Verbatim or whatever.

Total time: around 1 hour, not including burning (while it’s burning you get a nice soothing drink to reward yourself for all that difficult and exacting work).

Now, why do you want a database?


I have to agree with Peter - what do we need a database for ?
Quality is in the eyes of the beholder. The only real judge is yourself. Why would I want a database that tells me some movie is quality 3 - what does that say ? nothing - its totally useless information.

Not only related to this topic but in general - I wonder how come so many people seem to have so litle faith in themselves that they allways need everybody else to tell them if they should use this or that. You see it everywhere on the forums, should I use this or that encoder? should I use constant or variable? should I use this or that burningsoftware? etc etc and so on - it goes on forever.

I would NEVER trust anyone to tell me how to or what to do. I allways try things and judge for myself and I allways get the result I want.

Basically, try, try and try again. In time you will get the knowledge and experience from trial and error, that will make it simple for you to allways deside what works best for you under different circumstances.

I would NEVER trust anyone to tell me how to or what to do. I allways try things and judge for myself and I allways get the result I want.

And nobody wants to take away your freedom in choosing to do so.
But understand that not everyone has the time to do every movie twice (see my thread for the need of a preview function). If there was a database entry with “5 entries for constant compressing, Quality +4” and “3 entries for variable compressing, Quality +1” those who don’t have time aplenty would get a good indicator what to do.

But as I said, there won’t be enough entries…

[edit: replaced “votes” with “entries” to make my point clearer]

Originally posted by dvr105

I would NEVER trust anyone to tell me how to or what to do. I allways try things and judge for myself and I allways get the result I want.

Hmm… I think u need to calm down and drink a little :slight_smile:
To me, he doesn’t sound like he wants to force us to do or anything, just some suggestion.


Im as calm as can be :slight_smile:

Didnt think anyone would force me to do anything and never said anything in that direction - just expressed my opinion that I dont see the benefit of a database.
I am allowed to express my opinion even if it may differ from others, or ??

Even if it existed It would propably take me as long to look in the database and read other peoples results, as it would for myself to make a descision on my own. And even if such a database existed I would propably make my own assumptions anyway just to make sure instead of simply relying on other peoples opinion. I doubt it would save me any time.

There are lemmings and then there are people like me :wink:

peace indeed :slight_smile:

Well, I guess one simply can’t compete with the elite of elite…lemmings don’t ask by the way, they follow mindlessly. Like you’ve never asked questions regarding audio/video encoding/transcoding, or hunted forums in search of answers to questions you’ve never bothered to post. You’re a funny dude. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im not nearly as bad as I sound :wink:

I’m sure you’re not, but I just had to return fire. :cop: