DVD2One is SLOW for me - what's wrong with my setup?

Hi all,

I purchased DVD2One a few days ago and have had great results with it. One of the main reason I bought it was the speed - typically 30 minutes. I’ve seen people reporting getting results between 20-30 minutes per typical DVD.

I was a little surprised because it takes me between 80-100 minutes per DVD. Here’s my spec:

Athlon Thunderbird 1.4GHz
768 MB RAM
7200 RPM drives with 2 MB Buffer and quick access time
All drives fully defragged
Windows 2000 Pro with all the updates
Other software: Office XP, PhotoShop 7

All drivers are up to date as well. When I run DVD2One, it’s the only program running and usually from a fresh reboot.

Any ideas?


Hi there,

There may be many things causing your slow operation but some things to look at are:

Is DMA enabled for your drive? Make sure DMA is enabled

Are you reading from/writing to the same drive? Try writing to a different drive/partition on a different IDE channel than the one you are reading from

Is the file you are reading particularly large? Try it with a smaller file

Are you reading from a DVD in the drive? Likely this will take a little longer, write from the hard drive instead

Are you doing anything else at the same time? The spec you mention does not support hyperthreading (P4 and aove) anything else you do with the machine which has a higher thread priority will slow the process down

The list is endless but with your spec you should have a fast encode, make sure you don’t have a load of processes running in the meantime, in particular switch off any memory managers before you start,

Hope this helps,


Thanks Incubus, I’ll check my DMA settings for the hard drives, although I think they’re enabled already.

I usually rip to the hard drive first using SmartRipper and then use DVD2One to fit it to a single DVD5, always writing to a different partition. When I do this, I leave that particular computer alone, since I have 4 in the house and they’re all have net access.

Another thing you can try, use SiSoft Sandra to benchmark your machine’s memory, transfer rates etc, if there is a bottleneck somewhere Sandra should help you identify it.

It might be worth running AdAware to make sure there is nothing running on your machine, hidden bots etc, these could tie up processor time, there is also a program (can’t remember the name right now but starts with ‘Ia’!) which analyses any open threads and tells you which program has them open, this helps you track down any rogue programs running in the background and stealing processor time.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Hi phuocle,

Not sure what is causing you problems, but there is definitly something wrong. My friend uses DVD2One on a much slower system, and his average time is only 50-60 min. His specs:

Celeron 300a -> 450Mhz
512 PC100 SDRAM
60GB 7200 HD
Windows XP
Voodoo 3 AGP
Pioneer A05 DVD-RW Drive

OK, I figured out what was wrong: My second drive, the 120 GB, had reverted to PIO Mode 4, rather that Ultra DMA Access like the the first drive. Also, I changed the memory wait states in the BIOS and that also seems to help.

My DVD2One compression time is now between 15-30 minutes.

Glad to hear it, happy encoding!