Dvd2one is crashing

Iam trying to burn “Sex and Lucia” spanish movie - full disk mode(7.78gig). As soon as I hit next on the screen after picking the source and destination, the program crashes.

It says dvd2one has encountered a problem and needs to close we are sorry for the inconvience, do you want to send an error eport to microsoft.

I have burned 2 other movies since that and it doesn’t happen, only with this.

This is the first foreign lang. film I am trying.


Only version 1.0.0 works with this DVD. Others won’t. Don’t ask me why.

Thanx , I guess i will use the first version.
Thats weird shit!

Where can i get dvd2one v1.0.0 I keep seeing version 1.3.0

Most likely it has some thing todo with the padding data added by some authoring programs. Or atleast that’s something Erwin discovered this week.
This is going to be fixed probally in the next release of DVD2one.