DVD2ONE Instructions Incorrect

I am new to this forum but have been reading many instructions on how to keeps menus/extras using DVD2ONE v1.0.2.

However I have tried twice now on two different DVD’s but they play fine in PowerDVD but will not allow me to copy to DVD-R using Nero or Prassi. Nero says it’s missing xxxxxx.VOB when it actually isn’t. I have been using the jdobbs guide.

Also no matter how much I specify the size in DVD2ONE it always leaves with 4.92GB

Sorry to sound stupid, can anyone help ?


I think something’s wrong with your system copied 20 dvd’s never had that problem and burned with nero

I have the same problem.

The original was 6 vob’s, the DVD2one result is only 4 vob’s.
PowerDVD doen’t have a problem. But Nero does.

Is the number of vob’s somewhere in the IFO files?

Any idea’s?

I just ignore that error and burn with nero and it plays fine on my stand alone pioneer 343. Nothing I burn (even movie only) plays in my apex.

I burned the movie with Nero in DVD UDF/ISO mode and can playback on my Philips 711.

Do you create the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders or just put the files DVD2ONe creates on the disk when using UDF/ISO mode?

You have to create AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders yourself.
Put the files in VIDEO_TS folder.

THought so but I thougt I would ask…thankx