Dvd2one help: if i just want the extras on a dvd



i’ve been using dvd2one (version 1.4.1) for a while now, either to compress the full disc, or just to extract the main feature (with as many audio/susbtitle options as possible).

but lately i’ve been wondering if it is at all possible to extract the extras (featurettes, trailers, etc…all except audio commentaries on the main feature, of course) to a separate dvd-r disc, and have the main feature/film on another (thus not having to compromise on quality)?

obviously, one featurette can be copied separately, but what i want is to have the lot of them together on one disc.

any help would be greatly appreciated. :confused:


I have pretty much a similar question:

Is it possible to copy a dvd with just the main movie,the menu, and optional the extras?
So I can remove any warnigns on stuff, to have a higher compression percentage


Yes you can use many software programs to do this, CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD are the best that come to mind. But there are many others. If it is possible with DVD2One, I would think so but am not sure I do not own this program.:wink: