DVD2one for Mac OS X?

Mac users unite! Let’s see if the demand for DVD2one for OS X is as big as we imagine.

Everyone that want’s DVD2one for Mac OS X, hand up!

(Don’t flame me for using mac, plz.)


Id buy it!

I have a PC and a Mac.So,I would like to see a Mac OS X version.
But I’m not dreaming.I don’t think they going to release it(to much work for a limited target group).

yes a mac os x version would be awesome. what can we do to entice the author??

pre-pay for it?

I would buy it in an instant. would also prepay :bigsmile:


I would buy it also.
And I can offer help to program it.
(I’ve did already some programming…)

Ciao, ALeX.

I think an os x version would go down a storm. Mac users have been looking for something like this for years.

I’d pay or pre-pay any reasonable price for this.

Sign me up…I would love to be able to use this under osX

I would pre-pay as well, something like this for the mac would be awesome!

I would buy it in an instant and also prepay for X version.

A Mac OS X version would be great.
I’m already a registered user of the Windows version, I would GLADLY pay again for a Mac version.
Go for it guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a die-hard mac user, and I love OS X, while I won’t pretend to know anything about the process of making a port to OS X, it would seem the experience of using Darwin, etc., would be well worth the bother considering the amount of people who would gladly pay for such a thing. Considering mac’s presence in digital video, it would seem this would be a nice gateway into a possibly highly profitable marketplace. I really hope this thread matters.

I would buy dvd2one for Mac OSX the SECOND it is available - and I know AT LEAST 5 other mac users who would do the same thing!


My wallet is out and ready as we speak.

And it would seem that with so many Superdrive equipped Macs out there that the Mac would be an ideal platform to offer a OS X compatible port of DVD2one - lots of DVD R enabled users that are used to paying a premium to “rip different.”

Gefsmith gets down on his knees. I’ve heard so much about this fantastic prog… If only it was on mac. Ok how much $$$ do you need

:bow: Gefsmith

I would definitely pre-pay for a MacOS X version. That would be wonderful.

I would love it on mac and would also pay money.

Me too, count me in.:cool:

Add me to the list of snivelers who will grovel before the gods of code in order to get my fix…