Dvd2one exe. error help plzzz

dvd2one exe. error help plzzz try this program after hearing so much about it only to find after selecting the source and destination folder it comes up with this error

dvd2one exe. has encountered a problem and needs to close

Can Anyone help as this is really annoying me thanx :smiley:

What Operating System are you using and what are your system resources ?

If the program is hanging at the point you mention, are you sure you have enough free Hard Disk space ?

Also (just checking) you have ripped the DVD to your Hard Drive first, using DVD Decryptor ?

If you are using smartripper switch to DVDDcrypter
then follow this guide.


I have the same error just last night
DVD2one has been working for me 2-3 weeks now.
Last night it just gave me error:
“dvd2one exe. has encountered a problem and needs to close”

I’m using XP Pro, have plenty HD space. The error happen only after selected all options (audio track, subtitles,…)

This DVD2one is an exe file so there is no intall/remove software right?

Thanks in advance

“dvd2one exe. has encountered a problem and needs to close”

This is the XP safety mechanism kicking in to stop the machine from locking up. AKA BSOD. It does NOT mean that DVD2One is at fault. The problem resides elsewhere within XP itself.

There are many tweaks available via the net to prevent the “Problem” screen from appearing unnecessarily.

I have never had a problem with Dvd20ne, it’s as stable as a rock.

As menher says, it’s probably something else that is causing the problem. Dvd2one is very memory intensive, so it might be a good idea to turn off other applications that are running in the background and dont try to multitask. This may help.

Dvd2One is my reference for stability in the DVD Duplication arena.

Did you check your system for virusses? Most of the times things like that ocure a system is infected!.

(just speaking from first hand experience here :frowning: )

Obi1, did you download the new version of dvddecrypter to your computer? If you did, I think thats whats causing the error. Get the old version of dvddecrypter and see if it works. Let me know if this fixes your problem. I had the same problem and the old v. of dvddrypter fixed it. Later

Once again:

Don’t use DVD Decrypter. Use Smartripper in Backup mode.
The Decrypter seems to be either buggy or too difficult to configure for a lot of people. Smartripper in backup mode is more or less foolproof. No ofense intended.