DVD2one = DVD95COPY ? (ReneB)


I just try a new program, DVD95Copy. It is as fast as DVD2one, and very small (300kb). Does this new program is related to DVD2one ? ( same owners or same transcoding engine).


As fast as DVD2one no way remember you are only doing 10 mins of the movie.

well the way i see it:

dvd95copy demo only gives you 10mins of movie so:

how about letting it compress the hell out of the extras for me first and then delete the 10min movie.

that then gives me a total compressed size of the extras which i can then use dvd2one to make a user defined size movie to add to the dvd95copy extras?

does that make any sense?




makes sense to me

Originally posted by nyplayer

makes sense to me [/B]

me too!!! Good idea. Just tried it and it cut the extras to about half the size.


Does anybody have the full version, so he can post results ?


It’s in no way related to DVD2one, it’s not using our engine.

The full dvd takes 50-70 mins to compress - nowhere near DVD2one speed. I am just burning Windtalkers now. Will post results soon!

Check out the reults so far here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=396014#post396014

Don’t want to upset anyone posting reults on the DVD2one forum!