DVD2one doesn't work anymore

Lately, I have been having alot of problems with DVD2One V1.1.2.
When I run the program, the progress bar goes over 100% and the estimated time shoots up to 533:00. When it is finally done, the output is the same size as the input. I have sucessfully used this program about three times, but now it doesn’t work at all.

looks like u ripped the movie using dvd decrypter’s ifo mode. same thing happened to me when i ripped it in ifo mode and deselected some streams before processing it in dvd2one.

if this is true, try the file mode. re-rip.

I ripped it using smart ripper. I did the Backup option. The weird thing is, I am doing a multi episode DVD, and the first episode worked, but the 2nd one did not.