Dvd2one craches



every time i use dvd2one and when it is at a 100% the computers turns off that had happen with ghost ship. i have not tried other movies becuase thats the only movie i have. can anybody help me.



mine computer freeze when it goes to 100% if i do full disk or just movie dont matter and if it dont freeze it burns the movie i use full disk then where it says play movie extras audio etc well is goes crazy skip skip skip in circles with no stop
any solutions?:confused:


You need to give more details if anyone’s to help you guys.

i.e. system specs, hard disk space available, how you are ripping/burning etc. etc.


i got 80 gig hd 512 megsddrram amd 1.2 cpu pioneer ao3 burner princo dvd disks… im using dvd decrypter and i select all files to rip it does that 100%.then i use the dvd2zone ver 1.1.3 and it dont freze my pc everytime but 90% of the time when it gets to 100%done it freeze my pc dont matter if i make the movie full disk or just the movie by it self…and if i do a movie with extras and everything else the munus skip skip skip… happen with 13days all 3 godfather movies darkness falls 102 dalmatians just to name a few…


Make sure that you are using the very latest version of Dvd Decrypter (v.3.1.6) as 3.15 had a few bugs, which crashed Dvd2one.

Also, try using a good Ritek disk, as Princos are not as compatible, with all standalone players.

Also, make sure you have around 13gb free disk space


ok i will try that and if dont work i will post again let you know…