DVD2One & CopyToDVD

Got a SONY DRU-500AX burner, want to back up some movies and copy some new ones.

I go through all the necessary steps, get a working copy of a movie (just the movie, no menus), ready to run DVD2One to get it to fit onto a single DVD-R.

Don’t want to burn it onto the DVD-R right after running DVD2One because I want to make sure the movie works. So I don’t check the box “Burn to DVD …” using CopyToDVD, because I want to make sure I don’t make a coaster. :slight_smile:

So, now I have the VOB file set, plus the other files and a working copy of the movie after using DVD2One.

Question: How do I burn these files onto my DVD-R so that when I put the DVD into the player it works? I tried burning the files directly onto a DVD-R and it made a coaster, LOL. I don’t know how to use CopyToDVD to make a useable DVD. Their help files STINK! I purchased both of these products. Help!

Also, is Nero better to burn DVD’s than CopyToDVD? or some other software?

Please help,


P.S. These forums are wonderful, thanks to all the people who help others. Hope I become knowledgeble enough someday to help others here as well.

These are the same programs I use also… In CopyToDVD select drop down menu >>Project >>Write DVD Video then select the directory you have your VIDEO_TS and Select burn and thats it! Very simple to use software.