DVD2One & CopytoDVD bugs?

I have tried using CopytoDVD in conjunction with DVD2One 1.02 and have encountered problems with two movies. This occurred in two out of six movies.

All indications were that all was well, but when I viewed the movies, I found that the fifth VOB on the disc was actually made up of a portion of the first VOB.

In reviewing the DVD2One generated files which were still on my hard drive, I found they were normal and fully functional.

This bogus fifth VOB only manifests itself on the DVD-R

This problem occured during the cache/burn process in CopytoDVD.

VOS is aware of this problem and is supposed to fix it when their developer get’s back from Holiday.

The two movies are: ‘Serving Sara’ R1 NTSC & ‘The Four Feathers’ R1 NTSC. Both are from Paramount.

When the existing VIDEO_TS directories were burned with Nero Express, they work fine in all my players.

Has anyone else had a similar occurance?