DVD2One can not read encrypted Disc Using Any DVD?

:frowning: Hello all I hope someone can help me.
I am using AnyDVD, “and I actually paid for it” along with DVD2One to make backup coipies of my DVD’s.

The Problem:
All seems fine until about 64% of the copying is done?
Using DVD2One it tells me halfway through that
“DVD2One can not read directly from a Protected DVD”
Hopefully you can see my problem, AnyDVD is supposed to take care of this as far as I know.

If I try to copy the files directly to my drive I get some CRC error

I have tried using numerous versions 3 different DVD±RW drives and I get the same result every time.

Can enyone please help me


try disabling anydvd und ripping to hd by dvddecrypter.

are you using windows xp? if yes with or without sp1?

I am using XP with SP1 installed, Smart ripper fails, dvd decrypter fails, actuall all dvd ripping programs fail. I am considering reformating and starting over?

without anydvd running, dvddecrypter should always work. if you are sure anydvd is really disabled and your source dvd is ok without scratches, I think it is one of these : your disc ist bad or your installation is not anymore stable.

I think maybe disc was bad, I was trying to backup Bulletproof Monk with no success. I have since backed up 2 other films without problems.

Do you know how critical DVD2One and anyDVD are to scratches on a disc? The disc that failed was kinda scrathed but still played fine on several different players. I am also about to start using DVDXCopy so I will see how that goes as well

Thanks m8