DVD2one Appreciation Society

I bought DVD2one back in it’s infancy (less than 3 months ago!!) and have been more than happy with my purchase. It did exactly what I bought it for.

Since then I have been ‘treated’ to some added functionality AT NO EXTRA COST and what’s more EVERYTHING WORKS!!!

Erwin is doing a brilliant job and I’m sure will continue to develop his ‘baby’ in a structured and stable form, whilst poor old ReneB is at the sharp end getting all the flack from a handful of sad gits that can do nothing but pick fault.


In an earlier thread you mentioned the term (although not in quite the correct English 'cos I know English is not your native language :slight_smile: ) ‘Constructive Criticism’. I for one am a firm believer in this approach.

As far as DVD2one and the development so far is concerned my criticisms are a big fat ZERO. If ever i do have any I will certainly let myself be heard on this forum but in a positive, not negative way.

Anybody else that feels the same reply and say AYE!

ReneB, I hope this is constructive enough for you :wink:


I just wanted to say I think that DVD2ONE is the best program around and well worth the money. Keep up the great work!!!:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Yeah, Ditto!

Mike :wink:

I also have being using this excellent program since the “early” days but I am also paying extra attention to any improvements in “Movie-only” mode since I believe it to be its core or niche direction. The “Full Disk” mode has to be there for compeititive reasons but what truly differentiates DVD2one is its main movie creation prowess. I haven’t seen it choke on anything in “Movie-only” mode or mis-size anything in that mode. I appreciate this!

I have no problems with DVD2One…and never have. I copied two movies this evening…and both came out stellar! Signs and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The quality of all my copies comes out great. DVD2One is #One.


Ditto for me. It does all I want—it easily copies the dang movie. If I wanted all the extras, I’ll watch them on the originals. As far as quality goes, it looks great to me. As far as cost, DVD2one cost $45, and the replacement cost of the backups I’ve made is probably around $1000–and growing :cool:

Thanks DVD2one.

I back everything each of you has said. DVD2ONE’s a damned fine program, and a true rarity in the software world: It’s not a rip off!

Yes, I’m aware of all the similiar programs out there. And I’ve even used several of them… But I also remember the days of spending three days on a single DVD, and still – after all that time – not really being satisfied with the results. The only time I was ever happy with the final quality (back in my CCE or TMPGenc days) was when I was doing a movie-only copy. Well, now I don’t HAVE to wait three days to do all that, folks! After an average of fifteen minutes, I’m home free.

Since I also do plenty of work as a videographer, I’ve found that authoring DVDs for clients is a lot easier now with DVD2ONE. If I overshoot the final size of the DVD, then all I have to do is whizz it through DVD2ONE and I’m done. In the instances I’ve had to use this approach, NEVER have my customers complained about the quality. (I still have to encode the material beforehand – and that takes plenty of time – but at least I don’t have to REencode if the files come out too large.)

So, as always, Rene and Ewin are the cat’s meow. Thank you, guys, for putting out such an easy-to-use and effective solution for those of us who have no desire to become programers ourselves in order to protect our DVD investments.

Wholeheartedly agree with every post in this thread.:cool: :cool:

A BIG thumbs up & thanks here too.

Keep up the good work Erwin & ReneB

excellent prog keep up the good work :bow: :bow: :bow:

The program does exactly what I want it to do. Well worth the money for me and at 45.00, I think it’s a bargain.

Bob H.