Anybody know if its possible to use DVD2ONE to create a VCD (on cd-r) ???

In know there are other progs to do this specifically, but i have never been able to get them to work properly, and they took about 4-5 hours just to process the movie. DVD2ONE, theoreticaly, should be significantly faster than anything else out there at creating VCD’s.

I do my good movies on DVD-R …but there are some ‘not so great’ ones that I would like to backup on cheaper cd-r in VCD format. In my country DVD-R blanks are like $35.00 , while CD-R blanks are a ‘mere’ $5.00, a massive difference in costs.



Dvd20ne produces ifo & vob files ready for burning to DVDR, so it wouldn’t really do what you want.


Try EazyVCD (www.eazyvcd.tk)for your VCD backups, you cant get much simpler or easier to use that this one. And its free !

Another faster alternative is Movie Jack 3 (www.moviejack.net) but quality is not as good as with EazyVCD. Its not free.