DVD2one and TMPgenc Author

TMPgenc DVD Author processes the main movie from the dvd. It will create a menu and chapter selection menu. If the file is too big you can resize with DVD2one.

Its great for those that love the main movie only on 1 DVD-R and would like to have a scene selection menu.


Thanks for the heads up NYPLAYER. Gonna’ try it out. :slight_smile:

Mike :wink:


Have you been playing around with DVD Author? I’ve been messing with it and I just processed “End Of Days”…burning it now to see how it goes. I processed the actual DVD VOB & IFO files after ripping them with DVD Decrypter.

Author gave me a problem saying the bitrate was too high and wasn’t DVD compliant. It allowed me to ignore and process anyway, so I’m seeing what happens.

The video stream bitrate was 9800 and the audio stream was 384. If I’m reading right, the FAQ at TMPG’s website said that the combined bitrate can’t exceed 10000. If this IS an issue, that would mean I’d have to demux the VOB streams, process them in TMPGen at a lower video bitrate and then do them in Author.

That would be kinda’ time consuming and maybe not worth it. Anyway, the burn just finished and it works fine. The menu I created with Author works fine also. I never had to use DVD2One on this one. The movie filesize was under 4472 including the menu I created. Cool! :bigsmile: I was also able to easily edit out the FBI warning screen with no IFO problem.

Gotta’ try another with a larger movie file. I wanna’ see if DVD2One has any probs with the IFO’s Author creates.

Thanks again for the heads-up, I saw them advertise it on their website a while ago but I forgot all about it.

Mike :wink:

If someone can tell me what use this program is, perhaps they’d kindly enlighten me.

I’ve looked at it from all angles and it seems to me have little more than curiosity value. You either need to compress or you don’t. If you don’t, then you don’t need DVD Author either. If you do, then you’re back in the old routine of watching glaciers melt while re-encoding, which in this case involves the purchase of an encoder: it isn’t built in.

And surely the menu builder is a bit naff. It’s the original DVD’s menus I want, not an amateurish kludge-up.

But, as I say, I might well be missing the point. But as it stands, I just don’t get it:confused:


I agree with you Peter, however I can see one scenario where this may come in handy.

If you want to put 2 movies on 1 dvd with a menu to select between them.

First use dvd2one to transcode movie only with a setting of fx 2100, then import each vobsets to the tmpgauthoringthingy and create a menu with links to each movie + submenus with chapters for each movie.

I remember someone asking for this rescently - and this is one of the easiest ways of doing this without a complete reauthoring from scratch. You even keep original chapters and ac3 sound.

I know Moviefactory 2 will also import vobsets, but it does not support the ac3 sound so the audio will have to be converted to mpg audio first.

ps: I know quality will not be great - but thats not the question here :wink:

Did a test of the above description, transcoded 2 movies that were not to big in size originally (dvd5), imported each vobsets and created the menu - 7 min later I had a perfectly playing dvd with a menu and 2 movies/ac3 sound with quite good quality.

Only one problem though, tmpgauthor threw away the subs, apparently it does not handle subs at all. For some foreigners like myself that would like to have the local sub it may be a small problem. Otherwise a very easy way of getting 2 movies on 1 dvd and still use the power of fast transcoding with dvd2one.

Hmm. Quite handy for that purpose, then.

Sadly, the loss of subtitles would rule it out for me.