DVD2ONE and Sony players

Their is a problem with DVD2ONE and quit a few sony players model DVP 815 DVP 325B DVP PQ1.

Using either full or movie only backup in DVD2ONE playback skips through each chapter.

This occurs with most Disney DVD`s but also with other Studios. Is their any way to fix or identify which movies would be involved.

It`s not related to the Blank DVD used or the burnning software.

Over time I tried many combination with DVD2ONE with no success.

If I use DVDshrink the problem is solved but time is wasted. I would really like to Use DVD2ONE.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the same burning software with both Shrink and DVD2One?

Which version of DVD2One causes the problem?

Finally, as a matter of interest, what blank media are you using?


burnning software nero 551042 for both DVD2ONE and Dvdshrink

DVDshrink ver`s all 112 113 120 122 123 130 140

DVD +R memorex verbatim TDK
DVD --R ritek TDK Verbatim BeAll and Samsung

All the DVD`s that skip with the Sony players work fine in all the other players I tried.

Hope this helps

It’s very odd I must say. If you were having problems with all transcoders I would immediately point the finger at Nero. The received wisdom is that Nero is not the best burner for DVDs. However, in your case this is not the commonality and I’m simply unable to see what Shrink might do different to DVD2One with the actual files…:confused:

There’s one thing you might try. Almost without exception people report good results when using DVD2One with CopyToDVD. I believe a trial is available, so it’s worth a shot.


I think I saw somewhere that Sony standalones are very picky with media.

using copytodvd made no diference.

It apears to be a problem with dvd2one . what is dvd2one doing diferently than dvdshrink. And how could I identify the problem disks


what is dvd2one doing diferently than dvdshrink

I don’t know; clearly something!

Let’s recap. If you use DVD2One v1.4, CopyToDVD (latest), Ritek media and a Disney DVD (please name a DVD that gives the fault), then problems are experienced with skipping. But, only on Sony stand-alone players.

If DVD2One is replaced with DVDShrink v3.1.3, the problem does not occur.

Are those statements correct?

Moreover, I’m assuming that we are talking about Movie-Only mode in both cases (I know full-disc mode does it too, but let’s keep it simple).

If you would confirm that I have understood it correctly (as well as naming me a DVD that has caused the problem - actually, name several discs as I might not have your first choice; I do have Lilo & Stitch?), then I will speak to Erwin (the author) and see what can be done.


You have it correct.

Some movies that I remember.

20,000 leagues under the sea
Captain Ron

Open Range with Kevin Costner

I will try to remember some more and post them later.

The Sony Players in question are all less than a year old and are made to play DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW.

I hope this helps

Thanks in advance


I may be off target here … but could the problem be DVD Decrypter ?

I seem to remember having a similar problem, some while ago and it turned out to be DVD Decrypter. I reverted back to an older version (3.1.4 I think) and the problem went away.

Good Thought

I did that and also tried smartripper with the same problem.

It`s got to be DVD2ONE



I have just had exactly the same problem.

Region 2 (PAL) LOTR Twin Towers Extended Version.

Disk 1 copied and played fine, but Disk 2 skips through the chapters and is unwatchable.

I ran the same ripped files through DVD Shrink (Full Disk) and burnt to the same media Ridata (Ritek Go4), from same batch and the Shrink copy plays fine.

I am using CopyToDVD to burn and my Sony standalone is the DVP NS405.

I should say the DVD2One copy plays fine on PS2, X-Box, Pacific 1002w and my son’s Panny

This is the first one I’ve had problems with, although I have suspected the Sony in the past of not liking certain types of Menu, especially on re-authored copies.


I had forgotten this one … it did happen to me once before :