DVD2One and ripping

Before you start flaming me - I know that D20 will NEVER have an intergrated ripper.

But I’ve been thinking. Windows Media Player will play DVD content, but not unless a compatible 3rd-party decoder is installed. I.e. it somehow uses PowerDVD or WinDVD to decrypt CSS without loading the program itself, and then gets on with playing/navigating.

Could DVD2One do the same - ‘hijack’ Power/Win DVD to decrypt content and then process it. After all Erwin has done some great things with these programs before!!!

NEVER will it do such a thing, why would it? It’s a major impact on the speed! Take a look at IC for example, they use such a system.

It’s really quiete easy to intergrate a de’css routine into DVD2one, but before it’s legal to do such a thing it will never ever be done.

We are like everybody else awaiting the result of the current trials and seeing what comes out of it.


Ic does not decrypt the data it will not do protected DVD’s… The only ones that do this are the products from 321 Studios.

What i meant was the way that ic reads the data trough a directshow filter instead of direct stream processing.

321 and some other products are indeed the only ones who actually will do the de’css part. I’am very curious about the outcome of their courtcase('s)