DVD2ONE and Integrated Ripper?

I see that VSO software has come out with a ‘dvd-ripper’ type application.

Maybe you can integrate this into dvd2one (as you have with copytodvd), so that we do not need to use DVD-DECRYPTER separately anymore. This would be a great timesaver , a true ‘3 click’ backup !


How much time do you reckon would be saved - four seconds, five seconds?

Worth the programming effort, do you think?


It could actually be more than that, and remember we would be able to do a full unattended backup, with no additional intervention. That would be a big plus.

As it is now, we first run dvd-decrypter, wait around for 20 mins or so, then activate dvd2one and point to the dirs we just created, then wait another 20 mins, and then finally maybe activate NERO (or copytodvd launches automatically if we have it setup). I am sure you can see that this requires a fair amount of user intervention.

Not to mention it would become a lot more ‘user friendly’, no chance of making any errors with configuring dvd-decrypter (multi-angles etc).

I have to say, I think thats a brilliant idea! :bigsmile:

It certainly is.

And perhaps a little tea-maker attached to the side so we can put our feet up and have a brew in all that time we’ll have freed up…? :rolleyes:

For God’s sake.


Its not about freeing up time for me! Sometimes I’d like to go and do other things while its running!! :slight_smile:

I think one of the reasons (probably the main one) that Rene doesn’t want to add a ripper to DVD20ne is to keep it legal :cop:. However a third party might want to develop one?

A total waste of good programmingtime !

Please dont waste time implementing such nonsense

And folks - please accept that in life there are things you have to do yourself - like going to the store to rent the dvd, or turning on your computer yourself etc. etc.

Why is it that when a nice lean ‘n’ mean piece of software appears, one that does everything it claims to do quickly and reliably, people immediately want to transform it into bloatware?

I just can’t understand it.

You don’t have to be a software engineer to know that every new feature added usually brings in its train four new ways for the program to fail. Ask Bill Gates :wink:

Believe me, you’re a million times better off with a handful of small, dedicated programs each designed to do one task and do it well, than a huge monolith that tries to do everything but does nothing well and most things not at all.


I might be in the minority here … but I actually enjoy the whole process of ripping a disc with DVD Encrypter and watching it rip those vobs into submission and then firing up DVD2One and browsing for the files I’ve just ripped.

I actually get a kick from seeing that progress bar slide along too!

There’s a certain satisfaction to be gained from overseeing the whole thing from start to finish.

… it’s a creative thing, I guess.




Couldn’t agree more - get a life lads!

I agree, the integral ripper would be very welcome. That’s why I’m now using the other one for the most part!

When the other guy builds in the optional link to the burner, then it’ll be pretty efficient and painless.

Maybe we can add a Diet Coke dispenser instead of the Tea.

to each his own.


If someone makes a do-it-all piece of software, it would leave me out of the loop and would cause me to feel useless. At least now I can say “I ripped a DVD” because I click at least a few times!

I love the DVD tools mentioned… as is! Don’t go the Borg route and intergrate.

This thread is getting stupid now! I never imagined an ‘intergrated tool’ - just a simple tick box where you have the choice of DVDOne ‘using’ the external ripper as it ‘uses’ CopyToDVD as an ‘external’ program now! There no need for anyone to program a whole new ripper!

Actually the idea is good. I started rewriting DVD2ONE Shell so it can do all of this. One click solution, it decrypts with dvddecrypter, transcodes with dvd2one and then nero to burn, all in one shell. Maybe I will complete it soon.

Well dun4cheap, I for one will be happy to try your program when it is finished :bigsmile:

the program DVDBot will rip the movie and use DVD2One to Transcode, then burn (or build .iso file) all in a few clicks.
I used it for awhile and was happy with it, but have since quit using it because I like the step by step process better, feel more in control of the whole process.