Dvd2one = €19,90

Hello everyone,

First thanks to the author(s) of DVD2ONE for this great tool, even if it is not always perfect, it is a very usefull tool… :slight_smile:

Just a message because, I have seen some ads on this forum (on the upper place of this page) telling that DVD2ONE is for sale for €19.90… I thought it was real, but when I tried to buy it I found that the ads was for CopyToDVD … :frowning:


Well I think that I am not the only one to be fooled with this ad…

Best regards,

I just noticed that ad at the top too. Tricks you into thinking it’s DVD2one for $19.99

I see nothing tricky on that site and the price is $29.90:rolleyes:
and it says (works with DVD2ONE)

yes, I agree, I would like the price in this ads to be update.
sorry but we were required to increase price to reduce and keep good quality in our customer relationship.