DVD2One 112

DVD2One 112 is a great program, I appreciate the new feature being able to remove the unwanted soundtracks…
I also like to remove the subtitles as I never use them.
Are there any plans to incorporate this in a future version?
DVD2One will be almost perfect then.

Subs doesnt take up any space hence removing them would not increase quality of movie, and they can easily be turned off on the dvd-player - therefore there would not be much point in wasting workinghours on implenting this feature, hours better spend on improving quality or other nice stuff like being able to remove specific extras or being able to select different qualitylevels for different titlesets.

just my 2 cents

I agree with Frank. Sometimes, there are more than 15 different subtitles that I will never use, so I think that all that saved amount of bytes could improve the quality of the picture itself.

As long as this option is not available, I use IfoEdit to skip all the subtitles.

Anybody who can tell how much space subtitles generally use?

if it’s for example 500 kb per language, I think it’s useless to remove them? (i can’t image 5 Mb (out of 4,7 Gb) making a visible difference in image quality

it’s not that much that it would actually made a difference, in native packed format the subs of a 2 hour movie would be several Mb’s (about 6 or so)

(remembers it’s only 4 bit’s/pixel with RLE compression)


Question is, is it easy to you to give us the opportunity to select the subtitles we would like to keep ?

Also, this selection of subtitles is available in the movie-only option, so why not in the full disk option.

This DVD2one is a wonderful program even without this option.