DVD2ONE 112 Problem

In an effort to reproduce a problem in a controlled event, in order to give the DVD2ONE crew information to help correct problems, I have started this new thread. So here is the Start

Project Goundhog Day NTSC Region 1

First Attempt:

DVD2ONE 112 Full Movie 5.1 English Audio and Commentary
Menu Plays fine, but starting movie it displays a smiley face and stops

Second Attempt:
DVD2ONE 112 Full Movie All Audio
Menu Plays fine, but starting movie it displays a smiley face and stops

Third Attempt:
DVD2ONE 112 Movie Only 5.1 Audio and Commentary
Movie Played Fine

Fourth Attempt:
DVD2ONE 111 Full Movie All Audio
Movie Plays Fine

Interesting enough, when playing the full movie from the DVD2ONE 112 version, it shows all the chapters, but they are greyed out. The 111 Version they are selectable, I don’t know if this means anything. Well if any of you have had similiar problems, please let me know.

Project’s (oldies)

Gladiator R2 Dvd-Decrypter-FileMode/All Files
Hannibal R2 Dvd-decrypter-FileMode/All files

Dvd2One v1.1.2 Full disc at 4452 MB = 4.35 Gbytes

Checked AC3 6ch Only!!! Unchecked DTS/Commentare


Menu Plays fine, starting movie bring/ skips back to Menu/Subtitles menu !:confused:


Menu Plays fine, starting movie bring/ skips back to Menu

I’m possitive its a bug or some in v1.1.2

Boogie Nights NTSC R1

DVD2One ver 112

Ripped all with file mode with DVD Decrypter 3.15

There were 3 audio stream choices: AC3 6ch English, AC3 6ch French and AC3 2ch English Director Comment, in that order. I chose both English streams.

Full disk: Movie plays fine but menu screwed up

Whenever you select anything other than Play Movie the menu will just cycle from menu screen to menu screen and eventually find it’s way back to the main menu. This was with Power DVD, I didn’t burn the disk.

Transcoded with DVD95 and it worked fine??? :confused:

Mike :wink:

The Shawshank Redemption, PAL

This film is 2hrs 17mins. After write, when it is played it runs for 2hrs 12 mins then freezes.

Yes I know it is under 4.7 GB but I still used Dvd2One.

After the freeze I used DvdDecrypter ISO Mode Read / Then ISO Mode write and the film played all the way through.

Anyone any ideas?

I have bought Dvd2One but am using CopytoDvd on trial at the moment.

Anyone else had this problem and have you defined whether it is Dvd2One or CopytoDvd causing the problem.

My guess would be neither. It was probably just a bad disk.

What media are you using and what speed are you burning them ?

I know that I am stating the obvious but I routinely use a Maxell DVD Cleaning cloth on every DVD I rip. I’ve witnessed many copy errors and retries that go away after a cleaning so I now take that extra step. Also I use Ritek media to make sure my media is reliable.

I use a variety of discs [look for the offers]

Datasafe/Datawrite Classic and the latest offering from SVP Samsung

I only used Shawshank Redemption as an example, I have had this problem on others too.

I have a 105 and write at 1x.

Luckily I write on RW’s first to check result so no real damage but it is still a little “niggle”

When this problem occurs during the last 10 mins or so, of a film, it is usually associated with the media.

My understanding is that the burner and reader, has to spin faster, when burning to or reading the outer edge of the disk.
This is where some media fall down and are not up to the job.

I used to have this problem with Datasafe Yellows & Bulkpaq’s. My advice would be … try a good Ritek disk, such as a Traxdata and your problems will go away.

Also DVD-RW’s are not always the greatest quality either, as they are not as compatible as DVD_R’s.

Thanks for the info Phil, will give it a go.