DVD2ONE 1.30 - Still developping or it's on beta testing right now?

No rush, just curious (with a little hope :bigsmile: ). Keep up the good work, both of ya :slight_smile:

1.30?? gee, we haven’t released the 1.2x version yet :slight_smile:

Still working on it, tweaking around with the new compression engine.

Instead of our competitors, we only release a new version when we think it’s good enough to release it. We have no intention to release a new version every time the dog farted sorta speak :wink:

So yeah, the new engine is 99% ready, Erwin is doing some tweaking with it to remove some issues we discovered while testing it.

Oops…my bad, what I meant was 1.20 :o

Thanks Rene, for letting us know what’s going on. I know it will take sometime to make a new engine, but I can’t wait to see what it will be look like :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, throw us a bone, at least…!
What was the thrust/focus behind the intented Engine improvements?
Core compression ability/handling?
Better final-size estimation [again] with selective action-scene set-aside?
Compliancy approaches? Video stabilization?
Come on–what were the intents/issues governing the improvement and/or it’s focus? You know–share what YOU thought could be improved? Surely not speed?

Oh–and please tell me one of the 2 useless ‘clicks’ to open the interface is gone now?

Size estimation is something that is almost 99.9% dead-on with the new engine.
(i played around with that myself yesterday evening)

The overall look’and’feel of the compressed data is the main improvement of the new engine.

Also the mentioned removal of padding data, skipping data that we don’t need (aka encryption errors begone)

And some more under de hood stuff we rather keep for our selves :wink:

“Look and Feel”, huh?
I honestly didn’t see much wiggle-room for movie-only improvement. I keep reading that CCE or even IC can produce ‘much’ better copies (oops–‘backups’<g>), but I just can’t see much difference between D2O compressions and the actual dvd. And yes, I have a good eye/Panny CP72/NEC-plasma…
But I guess there is always room for a tweak regards the largest of movies…so I’ll look forward to it (without anticipating anything dramatic).
D2O really did ‘do it right’ the first time…
Like a lot of others, I had wanted Full dvd-backup, and thought at first that D2O’s emphasis on Movie-only was a mistake. But now that I know better, I shelf originals and watch only the M-O copy–it is such a relief not to suffer the menus/warnings/other crap.
How you came out with this beast, and when you did is beyond my guessing–but ‘you da man’!

<edit>—PS…but I still wish you’d lose those extra 2 click’s into the thing!!!

i’m starving for the new version, checking everyday.

As a matter of interest, what will you compare the ‘new’ version to? Do you have a movie transcoded with 1.1.3 that has visible artefacts?
What is the defficiency in the current version that you hope will be addressed in any future release?

Just curious.


i’ve got a few movies that gave me artefacts and color-pumping after i had processed them. i’m hoping to get rid of that with the new version. then again i’m just curious what the new engine will bring. i myself am very content with the features so far and i don’t care about splitting discs or compressing features at a higher level than the main movie. there’s one little thing i care about though: the subtitle-problem when doing movie only. every time that movie starts with subtitles and i have to switch them off first. why not get rid of that and add a pre-command as you can do it with ifoedit? but that’s a small one and i kinda got used to doing it with ifoedit.
rene told us about the new engine a few weeks ago and how good it’s gonna be. i thank him for letting us know. but don’t let us wait that long after you told us about the new version.
and by the way: show me someone who’s not excited about that new thing!

THANX :smiley:

damn, i just realized that i’m at work right now and can’t try it til tonight. someone help me.

Well, I don’t know about your visual defect problems, but I can help you with the subtitles. I suspect their presence every time you start a movie is due to the setting of your DVD player. On my Pioneer 545 I can have subtitles on or off by default. It’s just a setting you choose in the setup menu.

Don’t you get the same thing with commercial DVDs?

As far as I’m aware this isn’t a DVD2One fault. I believe that subtitles (and audio) are left alone by the program.


hmm, i see where you’re going. to be honest: i’ve never fiddled with my player setup so far, cause it never happend with my commercial dvd’s. i think that might be because commercial dvd’s always use precommands while dvd2one in movie-only mode doesn’t. so you might have a point there. i’ll try that.

Actually, the subs starting ‘ON’ with dvd-r copies (movie-only, inclusive of subs) happens with a few players. I can turn subs ‘off’ in my Panny setup-menu, for instance, but with my old Apex 5131 it had to be manually entered by remote for each copy played (but not for original dvd’s).
I’ll assume a ‘flag’ issue for only certain players when digesting a dvd-r?
I don’t know whether this is unique to D2O copies–or all “one-clickers”, but I imagine the number of players so affected are few (perhaps you should poll your users in this regard?).