DVD2One 1.3.0 "Join" mode HELP

O.K. I fully understand how this is supposed to work
eg. “flipper discs” but I tried to join “LOTR - Fellowship of the Rings” Extended version
which is one movie split onto 2 DVD-9 discs but unfortunately when I try the “Join” process I have read about it tells me it cannot find any matching titles in the second disc…
any help would be appreciated.

Am running winXP pro SP1
Athlon XP 2100+
EPoX 8K3A+

Describe your procedure in a bit of detail, as you must be going wrong somewhere.

I did Godfather 2 and it worked fine.


  1. I decrypted both discs to my hdd
    LOTR_SE_D1 & LOTR_SE_D2 respectively
  2. start dvd2one and select LOTR_SE_D1 as my source directory
  3. choose join mode and hit next
  4. selected LOTR_SE_D2 for next source directory
  5. then I chose seamless mode (because both discs have same
    audio/subtitle layout)
  6. I press join button and the error comes up

Ok … I just re-created your error message, using two different films in join mode.

The message was “No DVD titles found in this source directory that can be appended seamlessly to the latest title set”.

Could it be that your disk 2 contains all the extras and not just the second part of the film ?

If so try try the non-seamless option, this will create another title set i.e VTS_02, but will still carry on playing after a fairly short pause.

yeah thanks for the tip! but I tried that when it gave me the error message. I even went as far as to run both discs through DVD2One (7000MB filesize) in movie mode keeping the same audio and subtitles with both discs so that the titlesets would match perfectly but I still get the same error. Go figure!!!