Dvd2one 1.2.x keeps freezing my pc?



can anubody help ?
when i use dvd2one version 1.2.1 it freezes up my pc and i have to reboot my system

amd 1600
320 sdram
widows xp pro
120g maxtor hdd
samsung 616 dvdrom
pioneer a05

i am trying on both types of file system (fat32 & ntsf)

i have manage a couple of times for the programme to work but it keeps freezin up the dam pc why?
i am ripping with dvd decrypter 3.1.6
please help because im happy with the results i have managed to get


Are you running a raid IDE or promise IDE card. These 2 items have been known to cause lockups. Also bad memory.


Also–try DVDD and/or newer AnyDvd…


I just bought the latest version of dvd2one and it does the same problem with me. my pc crashes at 11% and i have to reboot it. so far i havent had any success copying my dvd’s with this software. i have winxp, athlon xp2100, 384 meg ram, 40 gigs hdd, and msi mobo. what did i do wrong that it is not working? please help.