DVD2One 1.2.3 vs Instant Copy v7



Funky stuff. According to CD Freaks Instant Copy should output a better result than DVD2One. http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/114
I tried several movies and with ripping most of audio tracks the quality on many movies was virtually this same. Most of DVDs did not have a lot of bonus materials. Yesterday, I tried The Guru with tons of extras and to my suprise DVD2One provided a better output than Instant Copy. I guess, i will stick to DVD2One. Weird. I guess I gotta try The Goonies to see CD Freaks results.


It depends on the movie! That’s why it is impossible to be definitive.

I remember when I did ‘Saving Pte Ryan’. A few moments into chapter two, when the waves are crashing onto the beach and foam was swirling around the anti-landing devices, I could pause the movie and just about count the block artefacts in the scene! (Anyone who has ever made their own movies and then used an MPEG encoder to prepare the footage for DVD video, will tell you that moving water is a real challenge. The restless surface of a swimming pool is next to impossible to render without artefacts).
Now ‘Pte Ryan’ is a long movie and all the transcoders I experimented with were really screwing the bitrate down and making the problem worse. The only one that did not exhibit this blockiness was InstantCopy.
But, scenes taken from other parts of the movie were indistinguishable whichever transcoder had been used!

This is why you must be sceptical when reading these sort of reports. By choosing appropriate material you can prove any transcoder to be better than another. Find your general favourite and use it all the time. If occasionally it stumbles over a tricky movie, then - and only then - try one of the others and see if it makes an improvement.



Yep agreed, you have to take any movie as a whole.

I’ve done one or two (only one or two mind. lol) DVD’s that don’t look too hot after using IC7 but look great in DVD Shrink & DVD2one but on the whole I think most users who have done a lot (I mean 100’s) of DVD backups will all agree that overall IC7 produces by far the best results. It’s easily the nearest to CCE on most films.

But DVD2one is still excellent software and produces great results and every now and again can produce a film better than IC7. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you are happy why bother changing? :wink:


ok i didn’t use the new DVD2ONE i onlyuse the 1.1.3 and i can say that the IC7 is better not because it’s better with long movie but because i can control the queality for every thing even the menu or deleting one of the scene .

i don’t know if the new DVD2ONE can do these things .

when i use DVD2one in the Spider man movie the main menu is full of blucks !!! because the menu only is about 300+ MB and DVD2ONE do it very bad but with IC7 i can make the quality 100% like the original one .

the only thing i love in DVD2ONE is the easy control and it’s very fast .