Dvd2one 1.2.0 & IFOedit


It seems with dvd2one 1.2.0 there is no need to use IFOedit anymore to strip audio tracks that you don’t want…

I have been using dvd2one 1.1.1 with no problems for a long time (couple of months). I’m a bit afraid to switch over to 1.2.0 …

Is it a worthwhile jump?

I was never using IFOEDIT to remove audio tracks in older versions?

And yes it is worth the jump.

Yeah, I would use IFOedit to take out unnecessary audio tracks… this would save space on the DVDr media…

I think with this the new version 1.2.0, the audio tracks can be selected… This eliminates the need for IFOedit, right?

I’ve been using D2O since it was released and I’ve never seen the need to use IFOEdit as you’ve been able to remove the unwanted audio streams from the start.