DVD2one 1.2.0 Crases at 2% on Gundam Wing Operation 7

I haven’t been having any problems with backing up the other discs in the set 1-10, but disk 7 has been giving me problems. I have tried using older versions of DVD2one with no success. I do my ripping using the latest version of DVD decrypter.

I have said this many times, and have to say it again: The problem is DVD Decrypter V3.1.6.0. Please use V3.1.4.0 !


I get the same problem when I use SmartRipper. Is it the same thing?

why people blame dvd-decrypters latest V3.1.6…0
i used it on about 25 dvd’s,ISO/mount no problems whatsoever whit this version :confused:


I have to disagree with you it’s not the Decryption it’s simply that there are some movies DVD2one cannot handle one of them is "Six Feet Under Volume 3. I never did get that one to go with DVD2one using all the rippers. I was able to process it using InstantCopy.

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