DVD2One 1.1.2 Am I still better off using Ifoedit?



Even thou the new version can remove streams am I still better off using Ifo edit to strip unwanted then merge the vobs and use DVD2one to do the whole disk? What have you all found to be best?


Even though i love the dvd2one for its quick finish, i now use IC to do all that stripping for me.

At the beginning i only wanted the film itself.

But after a week of doing DVD-Burning i have to say “I love menus”, even if there is nothing behind it.

And there for and especially as a newbie to all that stuff i love IC. Even if it takes up to 5 times longer than dvd2one.

But i fear, one or two weeks more and i go for ifo-edit and encoding with CCE, because even when i doing that svcd-stuff i was amazed by the qualitiy of the picture itself.