DVD2One 1.1.1 still converting wide to full screen

Sorry for posting twice, the other post is under Wide-Screen. I thought the heading would be in the mail forum.

I have DVD2One v1.1.1 and still get the problem of all my widescreen movies only playing in full screen (looks warped) on a Pioneer DV-533 which is a little more than a year old. I also have a newer Pioneer DV-355 and the movies play fine. I checked the setup on the players and both are setup to play the movies in widescreen.

Thanks in advance, Mike

The old pioneer has a problems with the menu bit still set to 4:3.
Altough i tought that bug was fixed in the 1.1.1 version, i will look into that when i get home later today.

You could use ifo-edit to correct that problem.

Thanks for the fast reply. I’m sorry, I moved my old DVD player upstairs last week and connedted it to a new TV and I looked at the setup again and the player was set to widescreen TV, I have a standerd TV. I switched it to 4:3 and now the movie plays in widescreen. I guess when it was set to widescreen TV and it was a standerd TV is was streching the movie, because the top and bottem was warped.


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