DVD2One 1.1.1 makes more compliant DVD!

It just does.

The quality is also comparable to both IC and DVD95Copy, and in some cases I have found it to be even better. It is also fast.

I have done some tests and DVD2One 1.1.1 appears to make DVD that act more like the original as far as DVD navigation work. I have made DVD with IC or DVD95Copy 1.3 that I can crash on standalone DVD players doing particular things in the menu. The backup made with DVD2One 1.1.1 does not crash and acts like the original.

For example:

Tomb Raider NTSC…

Encode with IC and then go into Special Features and select Stunts. After the video is playing jump ahead a chapter and it crashes! Done with DVD2One 1.1.1 it reverts back to the menu just like the original.

Spy Kids 2…

DVD95Copy 1.3 - on Xbox when trying to right-arrow to next group of scenes in scene-selection causes crash. With DVD2One it does not and correctly jumps to the next scenes.

I’m using them all (IC 7.02, DVD95copy 1.3, DVDXcopy 1.5, DVD2One 1.1.1) but I must admit that DVD2One holds the crown for stability as well as speed. In this compeititive market as of late, the DVD2One crew has branched into the Full Disk arena which opens a new can of worms. I hope that their Movie Only engine doesn’t suffer in that race.