DVD2one 1.1.0 crashes

I’ am using DVD2one for a long time and it works very well until
this new Version. I tryed to copy Notting Hill with the new Menu function. When i press the next button the program crashes without any error message. I use WinXP as OS and when i look
in the systemprotocol then i see a message from Dr.Watson:

Die Anwendung “C:\DVDTools\dvd2one110.exe” hat einen Programmfehler verursacht. Datum und Zeit des Fehlers: 20.03.2003 um 15:43:05.046 Ausnahme: c0000094 an Adresse 0040A775 (dvd2one110)

Now i think this is a bug?

Mfg Ricc

Mine to…
Did Insomnia ok…
But Road to Perdition Region 2… Crashes… (the full copy).

I get the following message…
AppName dvd2one.exe Appver ModName dvd2one.exe
Offset 0000a775

(not to be rude… but rene i think told we dont wnat to get un update unless we are sure that no bugs are there…
As a amatuer programmer (not sooomatuer ) i know that bugless programms are just a fantasy… When complexity rises…So dont worry about bugs… as long as you can fix them…)

Hope you can fix this one soon…:wink:

Yea, shutting down only in “full disk” mode directly after start processing! :frowning:

Win XP + SP1
Athlon xp 2100+

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Me too!

Using W2K Pro SP3

AMD 2400
Asus A7V8X

I wonder if there’s something about the AMD processor?
All my attempts to use ‘full disc’ mode cause an immediate crash. ‘Movie only’ mode works fine though.:confused:


AMD that’s one thing i can rule out for sure, my test system is an xp2200 and the other one is a xp2100. And i have a duron 600 and tested on a xp1600 to!.

I traced that crash address, but it is behind my program code, meaning that is in a lib that is attached to my program by the linker. Unfortunately I do not know what that code is for. Also unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce the problem, so that I can trace the problem.
So if you have a disk that exhibits this problem, mention the title, region code, and most important the UPC (barcode), and let’s hope I have it in my collection.


I having crashes with MIB 2 PAL region 2 in fulldisk mode, it goes up to 6% then I have the same crash as ricc. The barcode is 1136731.


I just bought the 1.10 version and I have the same problem when I try to copy 1:1 the GODFATHER Bonus Disc. I bought and paid this program because it says that makes 1:1 copies and I heard that is the fastest one. Now it crashes at 26% without any error messages.

I use a P4 @ 1.9Mhz 512RAM and a Sony DRU-500AX

Could you please let me know what will happen as I paid for a software which just does NOT do what it says!!!

I hope that you will resolve the matter the soonest possible (i.e. the programmer not the users of the forum).

Any help would be apreciated

DVD frans bauer live in ahoi 2001 crashes after 4 minutes no error warning.
DVD pal rc 2
barcode 8 713371 226994
pentium 2,4 ghz
512 mb mem
MSI 845 e max mb
60 gig hd 2 partitions

crash fixed thanks:)

I found the problem, and fixed it. Please try the new V1.1.1 version!


It works…
Thx a lot…

(of course just to justify our greedy heritage… we are waiting subtitle audio selection and non uniform extras-movie compression)…

But of course we have smthg to play with…


Release 1.1.1 is out… crash fixed?


The new version works fine :wink:
THX a lot for the quick patch!

very good work

Great work! :slight_smile: :smiley:

:bow: THX a lot for this support! :bow:

I also tested Notting Hill with 1.1.1 and it works very well.

Thank you …