DVD2One 1.0.2 & CopyToDVD

From ReneB’s DVD2One 1.0.2 Post:

*Added support for CopyToDVD.
After processing the result can be directly written to DVD±R(W).
This will automatically deliver a 100% compliant DVD-Video disk, no need to worry about proper settings, directory, file and disk names.

A 100% compliant DVD? I’ve never really had problems with Nero’s UDF & UDF/ISO burning methods until recently. It turns out that I did find a few DVD players that didn’t like either burning mode. Reading this compatibility claim makes me want to purchase CopyToDVD right now, but I can’t help but feel a bit skeptical regarding output compatibility with standalone DVD players. When DVD2One is finished processing the main movie and CopyToDVD starts up, are these 100% compliant settings automatically selected for you, even if the user has made adjustments to the program previously without launching it through DVD2One? Some feedback from CopyToDVD users would be appreciated. Thanks.

I use it and it works flawlessly…on all my players…

Panasonic CV52
Toshiba sd3270
Go Video 4300

how do you get dvd2one to launch the copytodvd program. I have them both installed but I can’t figure it out… Any help would be great!

You need DVD2one version 1.0.1 or higher. All you have to do is check the “burn files with CopyDvd” box.

Well, I went ahead and took a chance on CopyToDVD. Isn’t there a way to configure CTD’s recording speed? I’ve noted on numerous DVD forums that burning at 1x would be the safest method for smooth playback. My first trial run (Spider-Man) was burned at 2x on a Maxell DVD-R (General Purpose) with my Sony DRU-500A. The end result played fine on a Toshiba SD-1700 and a VocoPro DVG-380K.


I got an error with my Sony DVP-S500D. Error message: C:13:00. I’m assuming CopyToDVD isn’t too compatible with the old-timers? :eek:


Interesting did you ever burn before so it worked on all your players…They claim it’s most compatible… If you did then it makes me wonder whether I should be using it… I want the best compatibilty I can get.

Indeed, using Nero

No Wizard
No Multisession
ISO Level 1, ISO 9660, Joliet
UDF 1.02
Changed label (ex: SPIDER_MAN)
1x record speed with Maxell DVD-R’s

This method produced a disc that worked flawlessly with my older Sony DVD player, as well as the Toshiba, VocoPro and a friend’s Samsung (don’t know the model #). I tried burning in DVD-ROM (UDF) mode without Joliet, and I couldn’t get the disc to play on the Sony or the Samsung. I’ve got another friend that claimed his Emerson wouldn’t play a disc made in DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) mode, so at this point I’m thinking…you just can’t please 'em all. This is frustrating, because I’d like to start archiving my DVD collection using a uniform (and proven) method. I suppose the only way to be certain of future compatibility would be to physically bring one of your copies into the store to test it on a player until you find a quality unit that accepts it. :confused:

RecordNow Max users…comments regarding multiple player compatibility?

Originally posted by nyplayer
You need DVD2one version 1.0.1 or higher. All you have to do is check the “burn files with CopyDvd” box.

I don’t see that checkbox anywhere and I am running DVD2one v1.0.2, I read that DVD2one would recognize that Copytodvd was installed and would add this option to first screen of D2o but it does not recognize it is installed. Any Ideas?

After using DVD2ONE, I use “imgtool” for writing the DVD, it’s FREE and uses Neros engine for the writing. Makes a 100% compliant DVD. Works perfect for me.


Hi Chris,

What player(s) have you tested your output on?

Hi wapazoid,
I have Scan 2500 & a Waitec Vision Mini DVD player. It plays OK on both of those & I’ve tried the discs on a few of my mates players & they work OK.
Sorry, can’t tell you the make & models of the players owned by my mates.
I just made sure I had they latest version of Nero installed & everything is simple. If you save your settings after first setting them for your needs then after that you only need a couple of clicks & your on the way.
I only started using “imgtool” after trying to find simple way of showing somebody who was a complete novice of how to use nero & who kept changing settings after I’d set it up for him. It seemed such a useful tool that I started using it myself. Best bet is to d/load it & have a go, no installer so if you don’t like it just delete.


Nice. Well, I suppose it can’t hurt to try out imgtool. Sometimes the best programs are free… I’ll give it a go tonight. Thanks.

I solved the problem of DVD2one not recognizing CopyToDVD on my system. The CopyToDVD I had was the beta version. I am now running the CopyToDVD v2.0 and I have made 2 movies that work flawlessly and am currently testing them on other DVD players. Go ahead give it a try and see what you think.

Prior to October 2002, I captured DV and DVD videos via a Canopus Analog/DV Converter (advc-100) firewire connection and rendered/menued/burned them with Ulead DVD Workshop. (The main use was to process DV and VHS home brewed flicks)This was a major production that required 4-6 hours to accomplish.

Over the last four months I’ve legally purchased Nero, DVDXcopy, DVD2ONE, CopyToDVD, and Instant Copy in search of the Holy Grail of DVD Duplication. I’ve played with all of the decryption tools and utilities. I also put all these programs to work and there are distinct pros and cons with all these approaches that reaches a religious fever on numerous forums.

So far the DVD2one approach with IMGTOOLS 0.99 (borrowed from NYplayers post) has provided the highest standalone compatibility. ( Apex, Sony,Emerson,Samsung, Toshiba, Go video). I also think that CopytoDVD matches the Imgtools compatibility index but the lack of automatic AUDIO_TS creation in the current release is a minor but irrepressable question mark. (Please fix that…)

I’ve also used DVD2one to “resize” captured video that crossed the 4.7gb mark with great success. Since I’m a sucker for tight and unbloated code, I await the next release and express kudos to the author!

Hi. I just flashed my Pioneer 106D from 1.05 to 1.07 RPC-1. However, from then on, it doesn’t play on a stand-alone DVD player. I get “C:13:00” errors. According to this URL, http://www.soundreproduction.com/discussion/home_theater/messages/586.html , it states it’s a h/w problem but DVD’s burnt /w 1.05 plays okay on this stand-alone DVD player.

DVD Writer: Pioneer DVR-106D v.107
DVD Media: TDK 4x DVD+R
DVD Burner: CopyToCD/DVD v2.3.10
DVD player: Sony DVP-S560D

Is this a writing speed problem?