DVD2Mobile Requesting File Mover License

When I run a DVD2Mobile conversion from the GUI it is requesting a File Mover license at the end of the conversion. The conversion succeeds. If I was doing this from the GUI everything would be fine since I can click through it. The problem is I am doing this from the command line using a Ruby program I wrote. It stops the conversion loop. Sample command line

“C:/Program Files/DVDFab 6/DVDFab.exe” /MODE GENERIC /SRC “j:\iso2\inverview01.iso” /DEST “j:\avi2” /PROFILE “generic.default” /CLOSE

I do not have a File Mover license but I am not doing any file moving. Why is it doing this?

Some profiles start it automatically (but Generic should not). Have you tried disabling it in Common Settings (it is the bottom item in the Settings pane, it may not show up if you have no license for it)?

Thanks for the idea but no luck. I don’t need File Mover since I am writing to a USB drive. Seems a waste of money to buy a license for something I will never use.

I agree. This is an annoying problem, but it should be corrected in a future release.