Dvd2dvd-r + mainconcept mpeg encoder any good?

i was wondering if these two work ok and as simple as dvd2dvd-r + cce. any advise appreciated.


Mainconcepts output is no where up to the quality of CCE’s output as far as I’m concerned. I wouldnt waste my time personally.

i can’t complain myself about mainconcept…but i prefer cce because of the speed


Not trying to be annoying, but is that simply and only your opinion, or do you have facts & figures to back up your contention?

You see, if I said in response to a hypothetical question, that a Ford Focus was nowhere near the quality and speed of a McLaren-Mercedes SL, I would not only be citing my opinion but also I could back it up with the relevant statistics. And, like you, I’d be comparing something that cost many, many times more than the other…

I also think that it’s a great pity that cracks aren’t available for McLaren-Mercedes SLs so that we could all indulge in this little fantasy. As it is, unlike CCE, we have to go out and buy them. But there you are, can’t always have what you want can you? All part of living in an imperfect world, I suppose.


Originally posted by Peter McCall

Not trying to be annoying, but is that simply and only your opinion, or do you have facts & figures to back up your contention?

Mainconcept MPEG Encoder - $135 CCE Lite - $89

Without writting a novel about it, and yes the above is my opinion, as I stated. I have not use DVD2DVD-R with Mainconcept (wasnt even aware you could) but I have done some extensive testing of Mainconcept MPEG Encoder v1.4 (MC) trying to make DVD compliant streams. I have tried inputs of VOB files, AVI’s, VCD’s & SVCD’s. I must say its versitility there is very good, however comparing the output of MC with a CCE encode of the same movie & at same bitrate, etc. ( a 2hr 30min), the CCE encode was sharper and had less artifacts (if any) than I found in the MC encode. CCE encodes quicker for me as well. I have tried a few different movies (all PAL) and found similar results. So why would I want to use MC rather than CCE?

I then turned to VCD encoding to DVD specs and compared it to TMPGEnc encodes of the same. The MC encodes were noticebly sharper then those of TMPGEnc. Any artifacts/blocking/etc were similar in each.

I’m sure the actual movies used can vary the results but this has been my experiance with MC. I’ve tried just about every version they have publish over the last couple of years and really cant work out why its got a following. It is so simple to use though and is fast compared to TMPGEnc then I assume thats why some people like it. I just need a bit more convincing.


In the early days of Vegas, we were in talks with the CCE people (and very knowledgeable and impressive they were, too) with a view to incorporating their encoding engine into Vegas for MPEG2 rendering. In the end, for a number of reasons, it all got mired and we looked at MainConcept.

I think for OEM use MainConcept has a number of things going for it:

  1. It makes a workmanlike job of it
  2. It already has an SDK
  3. Its price, when added to your own product’s price, won’t price you out of the market.

It’s used by some big names such as Adobe (Premiere), ULead (Media Studio & DVD Workshop) and Sony (Vegas), so it presumably can be considered semi-pro and perfectly able to deal with amateur requirements.

In the right hands I’ve no doubt that CCE is going to be (at least) in the top three. But those ‘right hands’ have to know how to adjust its many settings to get the best out of it. It is after all aimed at a professional user. I wonder how many of its devotees know what quantization matrices are, or even when to change the DC coefficient - 'bout the same number that paid for it top dollar, I reckon;)

Anyway, glad you like it - though I’m equally sure very few have your expertise either…



thank you all for your inputs.

i think i will stick with dvd2dvd-r with cce sp. it’s easier for me to use.

good choice…sticking with cce…if that works for you
never change a winning team…lol

Peter and Chickenman…we seem to have these kinds of discussions over and over…different people like different programs and think different about the quality…
Even if others proof it with facts…it will always be like this.
Just let respect eachothers opinion