DVD2DVD Problem -- Can't Select Audio Tracks

I recently downloaded version 1.2.2 build 1 of DVD2DVD and have run across a problem that I can’t seem to find any information about. In the conversion tab I’m trying to select another audio stream to encode into the video, but I’m unable to change anything. I can’t change the currently selected track, I can’t add one, I can’t remove any. I can’t change the audio index from 1/2/deselect and I can’t even check the selected box next to any of the audio streams.

In the audio tab I’m set to not convert audio. I’ve tried variations in the audio 1/2 priorities and none of them seem to allow me to change the audio stream. I’ve found that if I select Audio 1 Priority 1 to the language I want (say French), it will select French, but I still can’t change any of the other audio tracks.

Anyone have any ideas or solutions to this problem? This is running on Windows XP SP1. I can provide more information if necessary.


You must Deselect the currently selected track before you can select a new one. If you want 2 audio tracks, you MUST select Audio 1 Priority 1 AND Audio 2 Priority 1 to what ever languages your after.

Thanks Chickenman for the reply, but I’ve discovered what the problem was. Apparently DVD2SVCD acts oddly with activation follows mouse. What I do is click+hold the mouse button, select the track I want, and then hit Enter. That allows me to select different audio.

I was getting really annoyed until I tried it on my other computer which doesn’t have activation follows mouse set. It worked perfectly there. So I presumed it must have been at fault.