Dvd2dvd Audio But No Video

I am finding I have a need to convert .avi (XVID and DIVX) to DVD. I installed this software (www.dvd2dvd.org), quenc, and the aspi drivers. It seems to me I have done everything correctly, but when I just ran a DVIX file thru, all I get it to extract is the audio. I end up with two files “encoded_audio_1” in mpeg and mpa formats. Can anyone help me with this or direct me to a forum for their users?

I think you mean www.dvd2svcd.org rather than www.dvd2dvd.org

DVD2SVCD was made originally to run on CCE as its encoder. Unfortunately the other encoder it supports still have many issues. I’d suggest the use of CCEa and a good read of my AVI to DVD Tutorial post here.

Seems the problem was I did not have the Divx codec installed. Downloaded and installed it, appears to work, but haven’t completed a conversion yet (damn, they take a long time).