hi, i have a prob. how do i get the music-files out of a dvd (vobs on hd) and put them on a cd. plz step by step info, cause i’m a newbie. thx in advance for your help.

you’ll have to demultiplex the audio out off the vobs.
You can use e.g. vStrip or Vobrator to do this:

DVDs can contain several audio streams. Most times, ac3 streams are used. They are usually located in the stream 0xbd. 0x80 would be the first stream, 0x81 the 2nd and so on.

For example, if you wanna the 1st stream:

vstrip <vobfile> -!dox:&lt;filename.ac3> 0xbd 0x80

x: your local drive
! defaults to strip everything
d demux mode
o output

you’ll get the ac3 file containing the stream.

now you will have to get a prog do decode this file to wave, if you wanna create an audio-cd.

e.g. ac3dec

better solution:

get DirectShow filters *.ax files do decode the stream and get the prog graphedit from microsoft to connect the filters …

Maybe you should look @ more DVD related forums…

More info:

thx a lot for your reply. cu

also trie the " besure " soft ist complete auto stuf you can find it in doom9