Dvd20ne trial version with serial

hi i have a trial version with a serial no, but can’t seem to get it to acknowledge it, and have to keep copying dvd2one from the folder its in , and then recreate a shortcut etc, is there a way round this, or am i doomed to do this frever.ps any1 managed to get the matrix to copy as it allways seems to fuck up

If its a legitimate serial - you should be able to simply cut and paste it into dvd2one. If it doesnt work its propably not a legit serial :wink:

Had no troubles with The Matrix or Animatrix.
Havent tried Matrix reloaded yet

And if the serials isn’t legit, don’t bother asking here!

If it is legit, indeed copy paste should work!

Your problem makes no sence to me… I tried it… loved it, purchased it… received a serial number… that I cut and paste… to make it work…
All my downloads go into one directory… and when I am going to use them have moved them to a different directory… have done that with dvd2one… and it works… all the time with all the updates

Havent tried Matrix reloaded yet

Are you referring to an actual digital transfer or one of those miserable internal cam versions? I’ve heard rumors of HK imports being the real deal, but I haven’t been able to confirm it.:rolleyes:

Not really refering to anything.

Havent tried Matrix reloaded yet - as in I dont have the dvd yet :slight_smile:

Hehehe, almost got you going there, thinking someone had been able to get it :bigsmile:

Hey, ya can’t blame a guy for asking. :smiley: Great flick!

yeap - fantastic - cant wait for it to be released on dvd :slight_smile:

You liar…

I’m dispatching an agent now…


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

At the moment only telesync screeners are available of Matrix Reloaded, I have seen 3 or 4 different TS versions. No DVD-Screener yet, but I estimate sometime at the end of this month (July) we should see one. Lord of the Rings 2 Towers DVD-Screener came out in November last year, and it still iisn’t out on DVD (I think) so July should be about right for M.R.