DVD2...? (Conversion question)


I have a question related to converting parts of DVD’s (Vob files) to other formats (i.e. mpeg or avi).

For example I backed up my copy of Dare Devil (no problems there) but I would like to convert a music clip at the end (in the extras section) to a simple mpeg which can be viewed on my computer.

I tried “1Click DVD Ripper” which was hopeless it had poor quality (pixilation occasional sound click etc) in both mpeg and avi outputs (Yes I did experiment with both high and low settings).

I use DvdDecrypter and DVD Shrink for normal DVD backing up and saved a special folder with the files required for this one song … but finding a decent converter (minus all the add hype on the web) is an unusually difficult task.

Any pointers (from experience) would be greatly appreciated.


I would simply use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode to select the chapter only in the VOB file that has the song your wanting. In IFO mode Settings, set File Splitting to NONE. Then rip it your HD. Rename the *.VOB to *.mpg, all done.

How can I get individually ripped movie chapters (VOB files) to compile for DVD playback.

And… if I shorten cut the lenght of any of the chapters (VOB editor) will they still play back. I’m thinking I have to mofidy the matching IFO file.

Anybody recommend anything for this?

Both DVDLab and TMPGEnc DVD Author will load in VOB files (IFO file not needed) and re-author them. You can add menus and chapter points there also if you wish.

I’ll try it :bow:

Salmun: Thankyou for the reply I had no idea that could be done duhh :slight_smile:

I will be trying this tonight, sorry about the late reply (been busy backing up my movies, books and games lol).

Again thankyou; your help was appreciated.

Kind Regards