I have a dell dimension E510,also have the dvd fab5 program, but when i open dvd fab and load a movie in nothing comes up in the source, lights blink on the cd tray but nothing loads, can someone please help me, i looked in the system info and it said the burner was a hitachi, do i need some kind of burner program? this system is a windows XP media center

Can you play the DVD disc with say, VLC or WMP or?..Is it new or an already burned disc?

it is already burned movie just when i open the dvdfab5 put the movie in nothing shows up in the source bar

Maybe the drive doesn’t like that particular media, maybe it’s scratched, or smudge marks/ prints, try cleaning it…Does it play properly?..Since it’s already a burned disc, there is no protection, just burn a copy…No need for Fab at this stage…Use IMgburn to burn a copy…

thanks alot you are wonderful

Yes, I know!..:o

If you are trying to play the movie, do not open Fab, just place the disc in the player and wait for it to load. Once player is done small window will open to ask what software you want to use to play the movie, just choose one.
Window Media Player may not be able to play burned disc, but VLC or any other player should.

I guess you figured it out while I was typing.